Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Psychic Training Packages for Stars Without Number

Machine Empath
Some rare psions excel at interfacing not only with the minds of men and women but also with the minds of machines. They are particularly favoured by anti-Machine polities such as the Liberated Worlds, who use them as weapons against the enemy AIs.
Skills: Combat/Energy Weapons, Computer, Tech/Pretech, Tech/Postech

Not everyone is content with letting high-grade computers run their societies; some, such as the Liberated Worlds, prefer to keep a human mind in charge of information processing. These specially-trained Mentants are human computers, capable of performing amazing mental feats with their minds and managing massive amounts of information.
Skills: Bureaucracy, History, Science, Tech/PsiTech

Psi Enforcer
Rogue or deranged psychics are a risk to civilized society and it takes a psychic to catch a psychic. Enforcers are trained and employed to use the powers of their minds to enforce the laws of the Committee on Psionics in and around the Alkonost Republic.
Skills: Bureaucracy, Combat/Energy Weapons, Persuade, Security

Psychic Assassin
Some factions, such as the Liberated Worlds, make use of psionics to power their secret agents and assassins, using the powers of the mind as a dagger against their enemies. These agents are highly skilled in hand to hand combat with and without PsiTech weapons, as well as entering and leaving enemy compounds undetected.
Skills: Combat/Unarmed, Combat/PsiTech, Stealth, Security

Psychic Navigator
Not all worlds entrust the navigation of their starships to ordinary navigation computers; some, such as the Liberated Worlds, prefer to leave Psionic humans in charge. These navigators use their precognitive abilities to give their ships an edge when crossing interstellar distances.
Skills: Culture/Spacer, Navigation, Tech/Psitech, Vehicle/Space

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