Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Background Packages for SWN

I've decided to create a few more Background Packages for Stars Without Number. Feel free to use them!

Complex societies, especially ones with moderate technological capabilities, tend to require large quantities of paperwork to manage. On higher technology levels, this record-keeping work is done on computer networks, but usually these is still need for administrators to monitor it. a Bureaucrat is such an administrator, ranging from a Lostworld scribe to the administrative assistant of a modern world.
Skills: Bureaucracy, Culture/World, Persuade, Steward

Whether a store-owner, a street vendor, a small-time accountant or an entry-level manager in a vast interstellar mega-corporation, the character conducts business and manages finances. not all businessmen are entrepreneurs, but all of them know how to conduct themselves financially and run a business.
Skills:Business, Persuade, Culture/Any, Steward

The character has grown up on a remote, lowly-populated colony world, making a living out of the harsh wilderness and surviving many hardships.
Skills: Combat/Projectile Weapons, Culture/World, Navigation, Survival

Computer Specialist
Computers are highly important to a modern economy, and many professionals specialize in their production, programming, construction and repair. These specialists know their way through most computer systems, and are also invaluable for the operation of high-end shipboard communication systems and sensors.
Skills: Computer, Culture/World, Security, Tech/Postech

Law Enforcement
Complex societies have accordingly complex laws, and they usually need armed men and women to enforce them. The character may be anything from a corporate security guard to a beat cop to a private eye, but all specialize in similar skills.
Skills: Combat/Any, Culture/World, Perception, Security

From the Lostworld herbal healer, through the mid-tech nurse or paramedic to the Postech medical technician, these individuals is a healthcare specialist.
Skills: Bureaucracy, Culture/World, Science, Tech/Medical

It is hardly surprising that the many tyrannies of the stars give rise to rebels and malcontents who oppose their oppressive rule. These hardy men and women take guns into their hands for the cause of freedom (or, indeed any cause they see worthy), risking their lives in the streets, sewers, mountains and forests for what they believe in.
Skills: Combat/Projectile Weapons, Culture/World, Stealth, Survival


  1. Going to grab all of these, thanks for sharing.

    - Neil.

  2. These are great. I love to populate my games with interesting "little guys" and I'll find all of these entries really handy. Great blog for a great game and what looks to be a well-thought out universe. I'll be following in interest!