Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This campaign will be the first time we'll use miniatures in an RPG (prior to that we used markings on a paper map, counters, or improvised counters such as D20). I think that the 15mm scale would be idea for this purpose as would allow me to play dynamic ranged combat on my 100x60cm (about 3 by 2 feet) table.

I think I've found good 15mm miniatures to represent Aslan here. Sure, they're supposed to be "bear men" but they do look somewhat feline (or, at least, leonine), and with a little bit of paint-work they'll probably be good for Aslan.

For the human crew (and semi-civilian human opposition), I might use the GZG Armed Civilians or Free Trader Crews - which do you think will be better?

I'm also looking for a good (GZG or something with a similar price-tag) 15mm set of figures to use as generic human military or paramilitary opposition.

The Aslan-Looking minis from Stan Johansen Miniatures:

The Free Trader Crews from GZG:

ATV from GZG:

Armed Civilians by GZG:

I'll probably end up ordering 10 "Balards" (i.e. Aslan), either 12 Free Trader crew or a Platoon (24 figures) or armed civilians, an ATV and maybe a platoon (24-32) or so of Human military opposition.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Of Aslan Humans and Tolerance

I think that in areas outside the Hierate proper (such as most of the Trojan Reach), Aslan will have a lot more contact with humans who aren't culturally Aslan [i]per se[/i], but who know how to properly behave around Aslan. The same will probably be with a lot of Aslan who'll have high Tolerance skills and thus know how not to be unintentionally offended by humans in most situations.

Aslan born and raised in the Reach (especially at the edge of the Hierate and beyond) will probably get one additional level of Tolerance for free. The main exception, of course, will be characters coming from the Glorious Empire...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So far it's just me (the Referee) and my spouse (playing an Aslan); so it'll probably be an Aslan ship, though a BT-Aslan joint-venture is also a possibility to keep the recurring cast interesting.

Anyhow, I was thinking about her character coming from a minor Tsekho ("progressive") clan from somewhere in the Trojan Reach, which would make contact with humans a little bit more easier (especially when the matters at stake are the females' business), though, of course, cultural differences between Aslan and the alien "apes" will still show up to a certain degree. There would also be a fair bit of Aslan politics involved and probably competition with Glories under the Claw, as well as cultural differences and conflicts between traditionalist Heirate Aslan and less traditional Trojan Reach Tsekho.

As this is a single-player game the focus will be more on diplomacy, politics and the "big picture" than on the small details, though from time to time I intend to inject a more hands-on adventure into the mix to keep things interesting.

Friday, August 7, 2009

An important decision...

I now have an important decision to make regarding the Leviathan adventure. I have two options in front of me:

1) Use the Baraccai Technum as presented in A4: Kinunir and have them hire the Aslan PC (which should be an experienced manager) as the Leviathan's owner onboard (actually ship's manager and the Technum's representative on board).

2) Replace the Baraccai Technum wholly or in part by an Aslan clan (probably the PC's clan), which should be a clan with a strong trading tradition.

Which do you thing should work better?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Draft Starmap

Attached is the draft referee's starmap for this campaign.