Saturday, July 9, 2011

Updated Maps

I've updated the starmaps to include Chemosh, scene of intense Kedesh-Laana cold warfare.

Player's Map

Game Master's Map

Two New Worlds

Domovoi - a new Republic colony.
Atmosphere: Thick
Temperature: Cold
Biosphere: Microbial
Population: Colonial Outpost
Tech Level: 4
Tags: Alien Ruins, Outpost World

Chemosh - an independent world in the middle of the Kedesh-Laana cold war
Atmosphere: Breathable
Temperature: Warm (jungle variety near the poles, desert at the equator)
Population: Hundreds of Thousands
Tech Level: 3
Tags: Cold War, Civil War

Changes in Astrography

I'm thinking about two modifications to the starmap. This is because I'd like to have two thematic adventure locations: a new, backwater colony (think Aliens) and a world with explosive politics caught in the Kedesh-Laana cold war.

The first would be Domovoi - I'll just change its description and make it a brand-new colony (settled in the 3190's). The second would be placed in hex 0307 ("south" of Madmena) and be called Chemosh (pronounced "Kemosh"); it'll be Tech 3 with the Cold War tag.

What do you think?