Monday, February 22, 2010

Possible Changes

I'm thinking about a change in direction.

I have some problems with the Trojan Reach setting, especially the fact that it feels too under-populated and under-developed for a decent commercial campaign.

I might want to move this campaign from the Outer Rim Void in 1105 to the Coreward-Trailing corner of Canopus in 1201, which is a background I've been developing for some time now. Not only is the TNE background more comfortable to me (with its lack of uber-powerful, omnipresent Imperium), but I find myself easier to "connect" to it than to the Trojan Reach.

I also tend to love the TNE background more than the Classic Era OTU one...

And, of course, an Aslan noble with a trading ship will find her paws full of work developing new trade routes in the collapsed, war-torn Canopus Sector.

Maybe this will allow me to overcome my writer's block...

What do you think?