Monday, November 16, 2009

A Writer's Block

I've run up to a relatively big problem.

I'm trying to build up a good enough political background to allow my player (who is, by the way, my lovely spouse) to have interesting political adventures in a sandbox of sorts. However, I'm both a little scared of getting into such big politics in the game AND I'm not sure that the ORV can provide the right amount of opportunities for such a game, with its many low-pop backwater worlds and little actual politics (except for competition between the megacorps, that is).

I'm also unsure about my ability to provide enjoyable high-level political intrigue of the kind my spouse would like to have in play.

I'll warmly welcome any advice about setting up high-level politics that will allow the players to adventure more in the diplomatic way of things rather than in the exploration/stealth/frontier-work that I'm more comfortable in running...

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