Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I might be using the following stuff from the old JTAS magazine in my campaign:

Tree Karkens (JTAS #1) are cool critters - I think I'll place them on Gollere.

The Model 317 Pressurized Shelter (JTAS #6) seems to be quite useful in general as an outpost, though I might prefer more interesting shapes.

Springers (JTAS #9) are interesting and might fit the same planet I'll set Safari Ship on.

Bwaps (JTAS #11) are a bit far from their home in the ORV, but a few will be present, especially in the Imperial administration.

Miniphants (JTAS #16 are quite an interesting example of genetic engineering.

Luugiir (JTAS #18) are very cool critters; I think I'll place them on some of the Vilani-colonized worlds.

JTAS #20 has Aslan Phylosophies - perfect as background to this campaign!

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