Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Plot Thoughts...

As an overarching plot, I'm thinking about a secret deal between the Belgardians and the McClellan Factors. McClellan provides "below the counter" trade with Belgard (especially in fields such as military technologies) and acts as a front for them, and in return they get exclusive trading rights for Belgardian goods (including their pirate swag).

This agreement will go even further, as Belgard intends to expand and try to take under its control a sizable chunk of the Trailing part of Egryn; McClellan intends to use Belgard as a tool to remove its rivals (Barracai Technum and the Aslan) from various worlds and get exclusive trade deals with them.

To this mess enters our Aslan factoress, out to build a commercial foothold for her clan. Thwarting the Belgardian pirates will probably allow her to get her own contracts on several worlds...

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