Thursday, October 8, 2009

One Crowded Hour

I'm considering One Crowded Hour (by Avenger) as a the first adventure in this campaign, as the Aslan PC will take a Human liner on her route to the main ship (where her husband is already present, taking care of the military sides of preparing their trader-explorer). This looks like very fun adventure...

I'm also considering making a few... changes... to this adventure. A sabotage (by the McClellan Factors?) will probably fit this campaign better than just an accident, plus it will start the plot running...

However, I have several concerns about using this adventure:

1) My spouse (the player in this campaign) wants the campaign to heavily revolve around diplomacy, with exploration taking a back seat; I'm not sure if this adventure will fit in to this theme. Swapping the accident for a deliberate sabotage might solve or mitigate this issue.

2) The PC will probably have strong interpersonal (and trading) skills, but she's less likely to have technical or medical skills... Would that be a problem in this adventure?

3) Would that adventure fit a single PC instead of several?

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