Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Player Knowledge

I will use my own homebrew history, which will be presented to the player(s) as printed hand-outs before the game-start. Of course, these hand-outs would be biased towards what people living on their homeworld(s) should know. There will be one A4 (maybe even A5!) page of information known by anyone in the setting, another A4 page of information known only to those with EDU 8+ and a two-sided A4 page known to those with a skill in Social Sciences (History). Of course, if no one will have EDU 8+ and/or Social Sciences (History), I'll only have to create the relevant pages!

The actual setting, the Alkonost subsector and the Risar subsector, is only recovering from the Dark Night and trade is sporadic at best. Therefore, most people will not know much about other worlds and about the setting's history beyond the most basic facts. And even those basic facts will be, on many worlds, distorted into some kind of a folk-tale, in which the Consortium will be painted as a legendary golden age destroyed by a few corrupt officials; only those with higher education will know about the Consortium's stagnation and decay. And there would be the Laanese version of the story, in which greed and over-reliance on machines (and, particularly, AI) have destroyed the Consortium; the Laanese see the Consortium as technologically advanced but morally flawed.

Also note that most locals don't like the Inheritors (as many, but not all, tend to be raiders), though the felids have a somewhat better, though still checkered, reputation (especially since they were mercenaries and traders more often than pirates). There are also issues of Human supremacists, Celiran nationalists and Celiran (and Human) religious fundementalists, especially on the more isolated worlds.

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