Sunday, June 6, 2010

Revised post-Collapse Starmap

I've revised the post-Collapse starmap to make things more interesting. I've also moved the focus to a single subsector at a time with map legend to make things easier to print and use.


  1. Nice maps. What do you use to make them? I construct mine as .BMPs in Paint, using a hex map from the Zhodani Base and some planet icons I created in Paint. When all the jump routes, borders, planet names, starport types, etc are added, I then save the whole thing as a .JPG and go from there.

  2. I use an antiquated graphics program called Paint Shop Pro 7. It is quite buggy, but its main advantage is that it allows the use of layers, which are very useful for quick and easy editing of icon-based graphics such as starmaps.

    I'm looking for a replacement, though; I need a raster image editor with the ability to use layers, hopefully an open/freeware program. Any suggestions?