Sunday, August 25, 2013

Preview - Type-52 Submachinegun

The Laana-made Type-52 Submachinegun is a very cheap and simple submachinegun, produced by Liberation Industries (state-owned by the Liberated Worlds government). It was originally made underground by the ULF resistance on Laana to arm the guerillas fighting the Machine overlords, but after the Liberation it has been supplanted by better weapons - such as the Type-84 Combat Rifle - and now this simple submachinegun is handed down to militia units and third-echelon troops. Oh, and it is also given to the various insurgent groups around the sector which Laana supports...

(inspiration for this gun came from two RL simple and cheap SMGs - the Sten and the PPS-43).

Here are a few sketches of it by Arthur Pollard:

The Standard Commercial version is the most widely available and commonly encountered. It is produced under license on a variety of worlds, predominately Sicarii and Chemosh. Typical features include high quality finish of all metal surfaces and real wood on the buttplate, rear stock and hand grips.

This variant - the original - was used by United Liberation Front in Laana's highlands during the fight against the Machine overlords. Maintained, repaired or fully rebuilt under pre-industrial conditions, the guns see long service and endure conditions as hard as the men who use them. Typical modifications include a 'browning' finish on all metal parts, simple leather or canvas wraps and laces to replace fancier wood or composite decorations, removal of the trigger guard, and a heavy barrel without the typical cooling shroud. It is not uncommon for the gun to have two magazines laced together for fast insertion of a new magazine during combat.

The Government Pattern is an uncommon variant that is, none the less, occasionally encountered among private security forces or for sale on the civilian market. The original 'Type 52GP' was produced as part of a special order of 1000 improved Type 52 submachine guns for Liberated Worlds Security Forces. While only marginally successful in government service and eventually replaced by other weapons, it continues to be popular in a niche market of private security forces that like the rugged simplicity of the Type 52 and are willing to pay extra for a better quality weapon. Typical features include brushed stainless steel for all metal surfaces and molded synthetics on the buttplate, rear stock and hand grips. The barrel shrouds are replaced with a tactical rail for customizability and some form of quick aim optics are usually fitted to the receiver. An improved trigger assembly with a safety switch complete the upgrades.

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